Around The World With Winnipeg’s Folklorama [2 Excited Things]

Winnipeg will host the world’s biggest and longest-running multicultural festival from August 6 to 19, 2019.

Folklorama has been a celebration of our city’s many cultures for over 50 years (it all began in 1970).

During the two weeks of Folklorama, you can expect a truly global experience, since more than 100 languages are spoken in the city of Winnipeg and 41 pavilions show the music, dance, and food of their home countries.

When you go into a pavilion, you’ll be taken to a different country, from Belgium to Brazil, Croatia to Cuba, Ethiopia to Indochina, Israel to Ireland, Scandinavia to the South Sudan, and so on. On any given night, you can get a taste of each continent without ever leaving Winnipeg.

What You’ll Experience

Folklorama is fun for people who like to eat, dance, and learn about different cultures.

A dance fan can spend a few hours watching capoeira at the Brazilian pavilion, Greek Kefi dancers and plate smashing at the Greek pavilion, and Chilean cueca dancers at their pavilion (which must be followed by learning to cut a rug of your own to the sounds of Descarga Latina).

Most host nations encourage visitors to join in the fun by learning the native dances of their countries, and many pavilions fly in national dance champions and award-winning performing groups to join the Winnipeg talent.

Folklorama is your best bet if you want to see dance from all over the world without having to sit through painfully over-the-top production values (sorry, J-Lo!).

People who like good food should think of Folklorama as a bar crawl. Spend the night trying food from different cultures, like shellfish and piri-piri pig from Portugal, washed down with Super Bock beer, pljeskavica and plum brandy from Serbia, and Mola Bamiya from the South Sudan.

Around The World With Winnipeg's Folklorama

At the Spanish Pavilion, you can get a glass of sangria and a big plate of paella. At the Punjab Pavilion, you can marvel at all the masalas and foreign rum.

Most of the pavilions also sell domestic and international goods so you can improve your own cooking at home. If you find a dish you can’t get enough of, you can ask the chefs how they made it and what they used; they are often happy to share a recipe.

For Epicureans, this is the best it can get.

Folklorama is a great event for families because kids under 12 get in free to all the pavilions (limit of five kids per adult).

Your children will have a great time watching all the performances, and they will learn a lot from being exposed to so many different cultures.

Around The World With Winnipeg's Folklorama

Getting Around

Folklorama has many ways to get around, just like traveling around the world.

Folklorama is a great organization to go on a trip with because they offer a wide range of discounts and tours that can be set up for both individuals and larger groups.

Folklorama’s VIP tours include the World Tour, the Party Tour, and the Cycle Tour. All three of the major tours include access to two or three pavilions, priority entry, reserved seating with table service, meals at each location, and front-row seats to the show or performances.

The World Tour includes transportation between locations that is air-conditioned ($69.95 for three pavilions and $54.95 for two pavilions).

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