Hiking Newfoundland – 5 Great Hiking Trails

Here are some of Canada’s best hiking trails in Newfoundland. These trails are often set against the province’s famous rough, world-class views. But if you are short on time, there is a problem.

A lot of the paths go in different directions. So far as I can tell, the best hiking is along the East Coast Trail, which goes through Gros Morne National Park and is not too far from the city of St. John’s.

If you plan to drive around the whole province of Newfoundland, you might want to stop at one of the other hiking trails there.


Sugarloaf Path

The Sugarloaf Path is part of the Newfoundland East Coast Trail, which is 265 kilometers long and goes through this area. It’s one of the most beautiful parts of the path, and it’s close enough to St. John’s that you can go there and back in one day.

At the Ocean Science’s Centre, where the Logy Bay route begins, you can take a shuttle if you have two cars or a taxi for about fifteen minutes.

Great Hiking Trails In Newfoundland

The East Coast Trail Association has called this trip hard because there is a big change in elevation (over 150 meters). From where I live in the Rocky Mountains, I think it’s about average. Give yourself at least four or five hours, or more if you’re a serious photographer.

8.8 kilometers from where the trail starts is the beautiful town of Quidi Vidi. Along the whole route, you’ll get to see beautiful views of the rough coastline, with its tall cliffs and high chances of seeing icebergs if you go in June. For people who like to watch birds, this trail has a lot of interesting stops.

Even though the trail is supposed to end at Quidi Vidi, if you want to get to the center of St. John’s, you need to add four kilometers and a little more than an hour to your trip.

You could also take a bus from the village. Follow the signs that show you how to get to the Cuckold Cove Trail. Just keep going, and you’ll eventually reach Signal Hill and then the city.

Spurwink Island Path

The Spurwink Island Path is a great way to spend a day on the East Coast Trail. It starts at the Aquaforte River and goes about ten miles to the back of the church in Port Kirwan.

Because this part of the East Coast Trail is known for being difficult, hikers should be ready for steep ups and downs and rocky ground.

Some parts of the trail through the forest are long, but the part that starts near the Berry Head Sea Arch is very beautiful.

The East Coast Trail gives free guided hikes to people who are willing to sign a waiver. You might be able to find a ride from St. John’s. Check the schedule to see when the next trek is if you want to go.

Great Hiking Trails In Newfoundland

Skerwink Trail

The Skerwink Trail is 5.5 kilometers long. The person who gave the path its name and made it says that it has “more scenery per linear foot than any other trail in Newfoundland.” Even if you go the other way around, John’s words are mostly true.

The trailhead for the Skerwink Trail is on the Bonavista Peninsula, near the town of Trinity East. It takes about three hours to get there from St. John’s. It’s a loop, which is my favorite kind of hiking trail.

Hikers can get amazing views of the shore for more than half of the trail. Sea stacks, cliff walls, beaches, and maybe even a running capelin or smelt-like fish or an iceberg are waiting for you.

The layout and construction of the trail are both top-notch, which adds to the beauty of the area. The trees have been trimmed, there are boardwalks in key places, and there are seats at lookouts with great views.

You could finish the walk in two to three hours, but we recommend taking your time so you can enjoy the view and relax on the beach when you’re done.

Alexander Murray Trail

If you need to stretch your legs on the way to Deer Lake, which is about 132 kilometers away, this hike is a great choice. When you’re done, you’ll really appreciate how soft your car seats are.

The trail starts in the small village of King’s Point, which is 12 km from the Trans-Canada Highway. Before you start your eight-kilometer hike, fill up a few water bottles because you’ll be climbing a total of 2,200 steps, or 335 meters.

If you decide to go to Corner Brook Falls, which is a good idea, you will have to go up and down 200 more steps.

You will hate the stairwell at first, but you will come to like it after a while. They are strong and make it easier to get to the top of HayPook. The best way to walk around the loop is counterclockwise. Trail markers are placed in a way that makes it easy to always know where you are.

From the peak, there are great views of Green Bay’s Southwest Arm. In June, there is a chance of seeing icebergs. Also, on the southwest horizon, you’ll see something called Gaff Topsails.

Gros Morne Hiking – Gros Morne Mountain

On a sunny day, the view from the top of Gros Morne Mountain is worth the effort it takes to get there. The Gros Morne Mountain Trail is 16 kilometers long and leads to the mountain.

Hikers near the mountain’s peak (806 m) are rewarded with beautiful views of Ten Mile Brook Pond and the Long Range Mountains after slogging up scree slopes all morning.

Great Hiking Trails In Newfoundland

This walk might be too much for some people. There is a 500-meter climb, so being in good shape is a plus. From the start of the scree slope, which is about four kilometers into the trip, you need to know you can make it another eight hard kilometers on the trail, maybe in pea-soup fog.

(There are glow-in-the-dark path signs up in the trees.) Many people turn around when they see the scree slope below the observation platform.

Since this trail is a loop, it will be easier to get back down. Surprisingly hard, except for the last four kilometers back to the parking lot, which were easy. The hike up Gros Morne Mountain is hard, but it is also one of the most rewarding hikes in the world.

Great Hiking Trails In Newfoundland


Newfoundland and Labrador is one of the most beautiful places in all of Canada. We hope this list makes you want to go there. From the Gros Morne Trail to the East Coast Trail Newfoundland, this province has some of the best places to hike in Canada.

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