Kayaking Hopewell Rocks, New Brunswick – 6 Interesting Things

Hopewell Rocks, located in New Brunswick, attracts around 175,000 visitors from all over the world every year. It is one of the province’s most popular tourist destinations and is enjoyed by people of all ages.

Although Hopewell Rocks, popularly known as The Flowerpots, is a favorite spot for kayakers, only a fraction of visitors actually take to the water in search of adventure.

Those magnificent granite formations may be seen in the Bay of Fundy, which features the highest tides on the planet.

More water flows into and out of the Bay of Fundy each day than can be found in all of the world’s freshwater lakes and rivers put together.

The eroded rock formations at Hopewell Rocks Provincial Park are stunning, and anybody may visit the park to see them for themselves. However, I think you need a strong imagination to see the shape as a Flowerpot.

It’s worth noting that there’s a shuttle service you may use if you don’t feel like walking the kilometer from the Visitor Center to the beach.

Kayaking Hopewell Rocks – where timing is everything

The flowerpot rock formations on the seafloor are accessible within three hours of low tide. In doing so, I wasted a lot of potential photography time.

However, I also planned a two-hour kayaking trip with Baymount Adventures to obtain a different perspective of The Flowerpots. Being a member of it, I can attest to its usefulness.

Kayaking Hopewell Rocks, New Brunswick

Kayaking Hopewell Rocks – what’s it’s like

One common pastime is to kayak around the flowerpots. It’s easy to pick up and play, making it perfect for first-timers and the whole family. Make preparations now for the warmer months.

We broke out into groups of six or eight, each with its own guide, and there were maybe thirty of us total on the tour. We got into our PFDs, spray skirts, paddles, and dry bags and set off towards land.

The safety briefing and paddle technique training were greatly appreciated by the first-time kayakers within the group. I just don’t get the big deal about it.

Let the tide float you off the beach

This kayaking trip began differently than any other I’ve taken. After the guide gave everyone a sharp shove, they all clambered into their kayaks, adjusted their rudder pedals, fastened their spray skirts, and let the tide carry them away.

Kayaking Hopewell Rocks, New Brunswick

We probably would have been washed away within a few hours due to the quick ebb and flow of the tide (it was a 39-foot tidal the day I visited).

After spending an hour and a half exploring the area around Hopewell Rocks by kayak, we paddled on to Shepody Bay after pausing to explore many caves and the beach between the flowerpots. Fun times are had by all when paddling prowess is honed in limited quarters.

The semipalmated sandpipers at Hopewell Rocks

Every summer, two million shorebirds flock to the Bay of Fundy, and on the way back to the launch site, we saw hundreds of semipalmated sandpipers.

Other migratory shorebirds include the least sandpiper, semipalmated plover, and sanderling. They stop off at the Bay of Fundy to replenish their nutritional stores before continuing on to South America. Seeing them at all, even from that far out, was a treat.

Useful Hopewell Rocks information

During the summer, visitors may enjoy the park from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. Towards the month’s conclusion of August, employee availability decreases.

A single adult ticket grants you admittance for two days at the discounted price of $15. It’s $8 for every kid. Students and seniors receive special pricing.

The middle of May through the middle of October is a typical window of operation. See the website for up-to-date pricing and scheduling information.

From Moncton, the park may be accessed in sixty minutes at the most.

Where to stay near Hopewell Rocks

If you’re looking for a room with plenty of room to spread out and prepare your own meals, the Woodland Suite at The Artisan Suites is a great choice.

Kayaking Hopewell Rocks, New Brunswick

If you are willing to go an additional 13.9 kilometers, you may stay at the lovely Maplegrove Inn, which has been open since 1854 and is located in Riverside.

Also highly recommended is the Sackville Bed & Breakfast. Approximately 18.5 kilometers separate you from Hopewell Rocks.

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