Nahanni National Park: The World’s First Unesco Heritage Site

It’s hard to describe how I felt the first time we got close to Nahanni National Park. Ted Simpson, the owner of Simpson Air, took us on one of his regular five-hour flights over the huge, undeveloped park in a floatplane.

We flew by rocky peaks, valleys, rushing rivers, steaming pools, and waterfalls that dropped down. If the weather had been better, we could have gone deeper into its magic.

In any case, we landed near the Virginia Falls, which are twice as high as the Niagara Falls.

Here, we were met by people from Parks Canada who led us on a short climb to several places where we could use our drone to take pictures and videos of the falls. Those who have more time can take the path to the bottom of the river to see the falls from a different angle.

Exploring Nahanni National Park The Worlds First Unesco World Heritage Site

Nahanni National Park is best described as huge. The park, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a huge 30 000 km2 in size. Since there are now more than a thousand UNESCO World Heritage Sites all over the world, it’s hard to believe that this was the very first one.

There are no roads for hundreds of miles, so the only way to get there is on a sightseeing flight like the one we took or by paddling for several weeks. All of these things make Nahanni National Park a one-of-a-kind place.

Exploring Nahanni National Park The Worlds First Unesco World Heritage Site

The area is quiet because almost no one ever goes there. Compared to Banff National Park, which gets over 30,000 visitors a day on average, this one only gets about 1,000 visitors a year. You can only go to Nahanni if you want to go there very much.

Needing to be excited is important. Taking a five-hour flight to see the sights isn’t cheap, and a three-week canoe trip is much more expensive.

Another thing to think about is how much time and money it takes to get to Fort Simpson. To get to the NWT, you either have to drive for a long time on gravel roads or fly on a small airline like First Air.

But, as I said before, that is exactly what keeps Nahanni’s wildness pure. Isolation, such as in Antarctica or at the North Pole, adds to the mysterious feel of a place.

It’s not hard to get to the park. Nahanni National Park is a Canadian wilderness landmark that you can visit if you have the time and money to do so.

Exploring Nahanni National Park The Worlds First Unesco World Heritage Site

Fun Facts About Nahanni National Park

  • People from the Dene tribe have lived in this park for a very long time. In 1972, when
  • Pierre Elliott Trudeau was prime minister, he gave the go-ahead for the park to be made.
  • The Nahanni National Park Reserve protects a large part of the Mackenzie Mountains and is home to South Nahanni River (Naha Dehe).
  • First Canyon, Second Canyon, Third Canyon, and Fourth Canyon are the four beautiful canyons that run along the whitewater Nahanni River. The depth of these canyons is more than 1 km. The Nahanni valley is a beautiful place to visit.
  • The wild South Nahanni is one of the most beautiful rivers in North America.
  • Nahanni National Park Reserve is one of the most diverse parks in Canada. It is made up of three different ecozones. The Boreal Cordillera, the Taiga Plains, and the Taiga
  • Cordillera are all examples of ecozones.
  • Some of the animals that live in Nahanni National Park Reserve are grizzly bears, black bears, timber wolves, moose, minks, beavers, lynxes, martens, muskrats, river otters, woodland caribou, red foxes, wood bison, Arctic ground squirrels, whooping cranes, and snowshoe hares.
  • Like other parts of Nahanni National Park Reserve, Yohin Lake has found evidence of people from the past.
  • There are 41,462 people living in the Northwest Territories. (approx)

How To Get To Nahanni National Park Canada

Nahanni National Park is in the Northwest Territories, near the border with the Yukon. Fort Simpson is the main entry point, at least for sightseeing flights.

From Yellowknife or Fort Nelson, British Columbia, to Fort Simpson, the trip will take about 630 kilometers on a mostly gravel road with few stops. Because of this, you should fill up on gas before you leave.

You can get gas, spend the night, or eat out at one of Fort Simpson’s many hotels, motels, or restaurants. Hiking and canoeing trips may start in different places, so it’s best to check with tour operators before you go.

Exploring Nahanni National Park The Worlds First Unesco World Heritage Site

Things To Do In The Northwest Territories Canada

Nahanni is one of the best places to visit in the Northwest Territories if you want to see something beautiful. In fact, it’s one of the most impressive things to do in all of Canada! But Yellowknife, the capital of the Northwest Territories, and the rest of the area have a lot more to offer.

Yellowknife is a popular place to do things like fishing, camping, hunting, and taking flights to see sights. Here is a list of the best things to do in the Northwest Territories. Click here to learn more.

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