22 Places To Experience Chistmas In Canada – Updated

Canada is a stunning winter paradise when the temperatures drop. It’s the perfect picture of a snowy Christmas that everyone dreams of.

Snow blankets most landscapes in a pure white color, and beautiful snowflakes fall from the sky, creating a mystical ambience that most people only experience in the movies. Summers here are lovely and mild, but winters are something else entirely.

Fort McMurray, Alberta is a tiny town in Northern Alberta, and its winters sometimes seem endless. Our lengthy winters were bearable, though, since we were treated to some of the world’s spectacular displays of the Northern Lights.

At temperatures of -40 degrees Celsius, far below the point of bearability, I nevertheless found pleasure in watching the air shimmer.

The opposite is true of my husband’s family, who are from Mexico City. They don’t live near the ocean, yet even so, they experience just two distinct seasons: dry and wet. It never snows here.

However, they adored it when they came to spend the holidays with us. They were in a totally new situation. My mother-in-law grabbed a snowflake in her palm when it started to snow one day.

Nearly brought to tears, she fought back her emotions. She was unaware that snowflakes had the familiar form shown in media. The snowflake you see right now is completely different from any other.


Since many of our readers are curious about the Canadian winter, we thought we’d compile a list of our favorite Canadian Christmas destinations. However, we aren’t limiting our discussion to the Christmas season.

That “holiday spirit” is what we’re referring about. Snow, festive lights, ice rinks, that type of stuff. But because we couldn’t possibly have visited everywhere throughout the cold season, we contacted more than fifteen other bloggers to get their perspectives as well.

Places To Experience Chistmas In Canada

Here are 22 locations to visit in Canada if you’re seeking for the greatest Christmas destinations or someplace to experience the enchantment of winter.


Banff, Alberta shall serve as the first act of our Christmas in Canada spectacular. This breathtaking alpine wonderland might be the most picturesque Christmas village in the world.

There are hundreds of hotels, restaurants, and pubs along with several stores and restaurants along the main street. In every direction, the Rocky Mountains rise up to dwarf the city below.

Christmas in Banff is ideal because of the abundance of snow, the abundance of world-class ski resorts, the outdoor ice skating rink, and the abundance of other activities.


It’s wintertime, and you should be in the Canadian Rockies. However, you won’t have to put up with the hordes of sightseers that throng here every time it snows. Some of the most memorable experiences you have on vacation may be had in little, off-the-beaten-path villages.

Banff may be the most famous destination in the Rockies, but there are plenty of other charming villages that are worth detouring to and staying in.

When touring the Canadian Rockies, don’t forget to stop at the charming town of Canmore, Alberta. Canmore, Alberta is a little treasure that is often overlooked because of its little size.

Walking around town gives you the feeling of being a local, and not just because of the endless scenic views around every corner, the cafes and restaurants that will please any foodie, and the endless winter activities like dog sledding, ice skating, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, caving, and a Winter Carnival every February.

Beamer’s Coffee, Poutine and Cider at The Wood Restaurant and Lounge, and a Night at the Windtower Lodge should all be part of any trip here.

Canmore provides everything you need for a relaxing vacation, from beautiful scenery to a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Visitors and residents alike appreciate the lack of the hordes that plague Banff and Jasper.


Jasper, Alberta, Canada, is another picture-perfect alpine town, similar to neighboring Banff. Lake Louise is one end of the world-famous Icefields Parkway, making it the starting point for one of the world’s most spectacular road excursions, which is why it is so popular in the summer.

Places To Experience Chistmas In Canada

On the other hand, Jasper is far less crowded in the winter than neighboring Banff. Although it receives its fair share of tourists, the town’s smaller size and more remote position have allowed it to maintain a peaceful atmosphere despite being surrounded by towering mountains and unrelenting nature.

This is a major selling point. Not only will you be surrounded by festive decorations and quaint shops, but you can also take your time browsing and enjoy the many outdoor activities that make this area special. Jasper is an adventurer’s paradise, with world-class skiing and winter trekking.


In the summer, Instagram users may expect to see stunning photos of Lake Louise’s turquoise, glacier-fed water, but in the winter, the lake becomes a veritable winter wonderland. The natural scenery is what makes this place so appealing in the winter.

On each side of the lake, you can see the Canadian Rockies rising up towards the distant glacier. In the dead of winter, the lake freezes over entirely, making possible a wide range of outdoor activities.

There aren’t many locations where you can simply stroll over a frozen lake, so you may as well start by walking around it. The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise also has an ice rink where you may skate around the lake or play a game of hockey.

Each year, during the Ice Magic Festival, some of the greatest ice sculptors in the world gather here to create magnificent works of art on the lake’s shore.

Sculptures will remain in excellent shape for weeks after the event has ended, thanks to the winter weather that preserves the lake and its surrounds from deteriorating.

The lake is located in the greatest ski resort in North America, therefore it attracts many tourists that come to the region to go skiing. Your stay at Lake Louise will feel rejuvenating no matter what you do there.


Alberta, Canada, offers more than its fair share of winter wonderlands. But hidden in the middle of the highway between Banff and Jasper lies a hidden gem: Abraham Lake.

During my travels across Alberta, one of my most anticipated stops was at Abraham Lake. First, frozen bubbles can only be seen in a few locations in Canada, and Abraham Lake is one of them.

Places To Experience Chistmas In Canada

This kaleidoscopic pattern of solid bubbles is produced when rising methane gas freezes at the lake’s surface.

It’s a sight that’s difficult to put into words, yet is absolutely intriguing. Skating on Abraham Lake is a uniquely Canadian winter activity, and it’s also a lot of fun.

Going on a helicopter ride over the Rocky Mountains was another attraction of Abraham Lake for me. For me, taking a helicopter ride in Alberta was the highlight of my trip since I had never done anything like it before.

Over the course of our helicopter journey with Rockies Heli, we followed frozen rivers until we reached a clearing in the middle of nowhere with breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains. Simply said, this is one of the most enjoyable activities I have ever participated in while visiting Canada.


It’s a must-see for anybody interested in experiencing a true Canadian winter: Canada’s fourth-largest city. Calgary is a fantastic winter destination because of its closeness to the Rocky Mountains and its stunning cityscape.

The city of Calgary experiences Chinooks, a natural phenomena that radically alters the weather, even though the winters may be as frigid as any other large Canadian city.

Temperatures may range from a balmy +10 degrees Celsius to a bone-chilling -20 degrees Celsius on any given day. This implies that snow is not always present, but that residents and visitors do have breaks from the cold every so often.

Things to do in Calgary are plenty. Calgary is a great place to spend the Christmas season, whether you want to go for a stroll along Stephens Avenue, check out Zoo Lights at the Calgary Zoo, or take in the sights in an inner-city park like Fish Creek Provincial Park. Banff, a stunning mountain destination, is about 1.5 hours away after you’re done seeing the city.


Edmonton serves as the provincial capital for Alberta. The city becomes a winter paradise throughout the colder months. As a result of the holiday lighting, the parliamentary building has seen an increase in the number of people visiting it.

In the Downtown area, including Winston Churchill Square and the North Saskatchewan River Valley, you may find a wide variety of festivals and other festivities. In particular, the winter months of December and January are magical times to visit.

Winter light displays and other wintertime activities, both free and for a fee, abound now that the Christmas season has arrived.

Some of Edmonton, Alberta’s most popular winter and holiday attractions include Candy Cane Lane, the Ice Castles, the winter lights at Castrol Raceway, and the Luminaria Lights show at the Devonian Botanical Gardens.

Candy Cane Lane and the Ice Castles Display are two of my favorite attractions. Candy Cane Lane, located in the city’s north and northwest, is a free drive-through or strolling tour of roads adorned for the holiday season.

It’s something people in the community do on their own time, and they really excel at it. Donations to food banks are also accepted, which is a wonderful thing to do year-round.

Canada only has one other display like the Ice Castle Display. Everyone may admire the ice castles and sculptures that have been built up at Hawrelak Park.

Alberta’s winters may be very dry and frigid. As you wander the streets of the city, be sure to dress appropriately. Most winter light displays are drive-through, so bring your cars (equipped with winter tires) and your loved ones for a discounted price.


For decades, tourists from all over the world have been flocking to Whistler. It’s one of the few spots in the world where you can go skiing and see the Pacific Ocean, and it’s not far from Vancouver.

It’s one of the most picturesque Canadian Christmas destinations for this reason, and the village of Whistler itself is stunning.

Places To Experience Chistmas In Canada

It’s the kind of location that, if you visit over the holidays, you’ll feel like you’ve walked into a Christmas movie (though the price tag may not reflect that). There’s a ton lot do in Whistler.

Ice skating, shopping, tobogganing, snowshoeing, skiing, and snowboarding are just a few of the many winter activities available.

There are many different white Christmas family vacation packages available, making it a great destination for couples, lone travelers, and groups of all ages.


Kelowna, British Columbia isn’t always the first spot that comes to mind when you think of a Canadian winter vacation because of its mild temperature and position as Canada’s finest up-and-coming wine area. A pity, since there is enough to do in the winter in this lake city in the interior of British Columbia.

Stuart Park’s outdoor ice rink is a favourite destination for Kelowna families during the colder months. Skate rentals, food, and a beautiful waterfront view are all part of this free event. Big White, one of the top ski and snowboard destinations in Canada, is less than an hour’s drive away.

Those with a taste for wine will also find much to do in Kelowna, as several of the city’s top vineyards offer special winter tours.

After a day of skiing, skating, or touring vineyards, refuel in Kelowna’s thriving downtown, which is home to a number of excellent eateries, bars, and pubs, including a number of distilleries and brewers serving up locally sourced food.

Snowshoe across wooden railroad trestles and take in breathtaking mountain vistas along the picturesque Kettle Valley Trail if you still have some energy left.


In the dreary, damp month of January, we took our three small children on a trip to Vancouver. We drove out to Grouse Mountain in the distants in the hopes of seeing snow. From the downtown area, take a bus and then a cable car for the last eight minutes to reach an elevation of 1,200 meters.

As the cable car ascended, the city’s bustle faded into calm, and the snowfall we’d been anticipating finally began to fall. Don’t miss out on Peak Chalet’s stunning panorama of Vancouver.

Even though the mountain offers year-round attractions like wildlife films, seeing bears at the refuge, and touring the Eye of the Wind, we came for the snow. The kids tried ice skating for the first time, we had a sleigh ride behind a machine with caterpillar tracks, and we all drank plenty of hot chocolate.

We left the crowded ski resorts and went snowshoeing for the first time, making our way along quiet tracks among snow-covered Douglas fir trees. We built a snowman and fought with snowballs.

After dark, golden lights were turned on to highlight the trees and sculptures, including the enormous reindeer. Our kids from the city had a blast renting sleds and racing down a hill into a snow pile.

As we made our way back down the mountain at the conclusion of a busy but rewarding day, our rosy-cheeked youngsters were gushing about the “wonderful day” they had had.


The Rocky Mountains are one of the most breathtaking natural wonders in all of Canada. The little hamlet of Golden, British Columbia, is a great site to get a bird’s-eye view of these breathtaking natural attractions.

As the snow began to trickle down from the summits of the surrounding mountains, Golden transformed into a Canadian winter paradise.

Places To Experience Chistmas In Canada

In the colder months, Golden, Colorado, offers a wide variety of fun things to do and beautiful sites to view. One of the nicest things about the winter is getting to go snowboarding or skiing.

When it’s too nice outside to remain home, Golden residents may go to Kicking Horse Mountain. Enjoyable times are guaranteed on the varied terrain that caters to riders of all abilities.

With the snow-capped mountains as a background, a stroll through this town’s calm streets is both peaceful and picturesque. Lights line the main drag, illuminating the many bars that regulars and visitors alike frequent.

As an added bonus, there are many things to do in the neighborhood. You may also take in the breathtaking scenery of this part of Western Canada by going snowshoeing through the snow-covered woods.

As a native Australian, I can attest that Canadian winters can be brutal. Thankfully, I’ve been able to discover plenty of fun things to do and beautiful places to visit that have helped me survive. Golden, British Columbia is my favorite Canadian destination since there is so much to do here year-round.


Located seven hours east of Vancouver, British Columbia, and five hours west of Calgary, Alberta, Revelstoke is a remote winter paradise surrounded by the Selkirk Mountains.

Located on the banks of the Columbia River, this charming hamlet is at its most beautiful in the winter, when snow piles up to nearly the same height as the neighboring buildings.

The Revelstoke Mountain Resort is known for its tremendous snowfall and vertical drop, as well as its access to cat, helicopter, and backcountry skiing right from the resort’s base. Dog sledding, paragliding, and snowshoeing trips are among the many activities available at the resort.

On Valentine’s Day, couples may ride to the top of the gondola for free and exchange legal vows or rings. I’ve been skiing on that mountain, and yes, folks do ski up in their wedding attire.

The neighboring tracks on Mount Macpherson are ideal for cross-country skiing if you’re not into alpine or snowboarding. There are several chances for backcountry ski touring and snowmobiling in the adjacent parks, including Glacier National Park with its iconic Rogers Pass.

Finally, the Halcyon and Nakusp hot springs are a little drive away, perfect for people who want to unwind in a stunning natural environment. With so many exciting things to do, Revelstoke is a winter wonderland that anybody can enjoy.


Located in Southern British Columbia, not far from the Alberta border, lies this picturesque mountain village. There is some of the greatest snow in Canada here, and as a result, world-class skiing.

Staying at the ski resort and enjoying ski-in/ski-out accommodation while being surrounded by snow-covered mountain beauty and pine trees is what makes Fernie a wonderful Christmas or winter vacation.

Stepping out onto your balcony in Fernie and soaking in the gorgeous scenery is one of the best things you can do here.

In addition, the Vodka Ice Bar at Lizard Creek Lodge provides guests with the opportunity to experience vodka in a specially designed ice chamber kept at a chilly -13 degrees Celsius. I swear, the food is superior at that other place.

Do not fret; warm coats are on hand. This is one of the greatest spots in Canada to go skiing or snowboarding, and it also has a fantastic Christmas scene.


Being a Calgarian who enjoys frequent mountain excursions, Panorama is among my top picks. Though it’s a little farther than other popular destinations like Sunshine Town or Lake Louise, the charming village setting and convenient ski-in/ski-out lodgings more than make up for the extra distance.

We would choose Panorama as our permanent residence if we could only choose one ski area. We have never been able to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Panorama Resort because of the constant snowfall. This creates a magical snow wonderland and fantastic skiing conditions.

The ski-in/ski-out convenience, on-site dining, and relaxing outdoor hot tubs make this resort stand out. Believe me when I say that there is nothing like relaxing in a hot tub while looking out at snow-capped mountains.

Snowshoeing, fat-tire riding, helicopter excursions, and even snowmobiling are some of the other things to do. Spend the day skiing, drinking beer in the hot springs, then repeating the process the next day. That’s the kind of Canadian holiday trip I’d want to take.


In the winter, Whitehorse, Yukon is a popular destination since it is one of the best spots to see the Northern Lights. Seeing the Northern Lights in the Yukon is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The experience of staring up through a dazzling curtain of green and blue is unforgettable.

Take a stroll around Whitehorse’s snowy streets and then warm up with a hot chocolate at one of the town’s numerous cafes before checking out a museum to learn about the area’s history.

Then, visit the Yukon Wildlife Preserve to see northern wildlife up close, including wood bison, Arctic fox, Thinhorn sheep, and Snowy owls.

Plan your vacation around the Yukon Quest or the Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous Festival for a plethora of offbeat activities, such as wood-chopping, log-throwing, and axe-throwing, that will create a magical winter wonderland mood.

The Yukon is a winter paradise for those who love the great outdoors. Don’t miss the Sourdough Queen’s coronation, the Coronation Ball, the Royal Feast, or the Fashion Show honoring Her Majesty. With these happenings, Whitehorse becomes a regal winter paradise.


Ottawa isn’t usually the first place that comes to mind when you mention Winter Wonderlands to most people. Nonetheless, if you’re searching for a winter vacation somewhere that’s both intriguing and fitting, Ottawa is where you should go.

Winterlude is an annual event in the city, and it attracts some of the world’s best ice sculpture artists. Christmas decorations, musical performances, cultural demonstrations, and even some games are all part of the two-week celebration that is highlighted by ice sculptures.

Skating on the Rideau Canal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is an additional option. You’ll be sharing the canal with sightseers and those who live there who are using skates to go to and from work.

It’s also nice because Canadian cities are so well-prepared for winter weather that life continues normally even when snow and freezing temperatures are in the forecast.

Places To Experience Chistmas In Canada

Typical hotspots, such as the Byward Market with its abundance of excellent eateries and boutiques, will still be bustling with people. Among the Market’s staples is the delicious confection known as Beaver Tails.

The city also has the Canadian Museum of History and the Canadian Parliament Buildings (technically, the museum is located across the bridge in Quebec). Alpine and cross-country skiing, as well as dog sledding and ice climbing, are all available in the surrounding regions of the city.


Uxbridge, Ontario probably isn’t the first place you think of when you imagine a winter paradise. Uxbridge is a community on the Oak Ridges Moraine about an hour’s drive northeast of Toronto.

It’s near enough to Toronto for a day trip, but there’s much to do if you want to spend a little more time there at a local B&B. Here, animals graze on undulating hills, and harvesters may be heard in the summer. After a snowfall, though, the scenery changes dramatically.

Uxbridge is known as the “Trail Capital of Canada” because to the over 220 kilometers of trails that wind through over 8,000 acres of conservation area. These paths are accessible for wintertime activities like snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.

Uxbridge is conveniently located near three different ski resorts, perfect for those looking for a bit extra excitement on the slopes. In southern Ontario, there is a network of trails just for snowmobile riders.

If you wish to go tobogganing or inner tubing, you may do it on several major slopes on the outskirts of town that are accessible to the general public.

As soon as the centrally placed Elgin Pond freezes, the snow is removed from various rink sections and a continuous stream of people of all ages begin breaking out the ice skates.

Those who have worked up an appetite in the cold weather can come to the York-Durham Heritage Railway station for a journey on the Santa Train, where children may spend time with Santa himself.

Fortunately, there is a brewery just next to the station, so the adults can have a drink before or after their kid(s) take a trip with Santa.

The city comes to life as soon as the sun goes dark. Elgin Park is decked up in colorful lights for the Fantasy of Lights, which runs from early December to early January. You may then take a stroll to the old town and warm yourself with a drink and a meal before continuing on your journey.


If you live in the Greater Toronto Area and you like skiing, you likely make regular trips to Blue Mountain. About two hours north of Toronto, you’ll find a winter paradise with a wide variety of seasonal attractions.

Even though I don’t ski, I like going to Blue Mountain in the winter since it’s so beautiful with the snow covering the mountains.

In addition to skiing and snowboarding, you can also go snowshoeing, caving, snowshoe the vineyard, mountaintop skate, go chasing waterfalls, take ski lessons, ride a horse-drawn wagon, go on a ridge runner ride, or be pampered at the well-known Scandinave Spa. Blue Mountain Village is home to a wide variety of shops, so be sure to take a tour around the village.

There is a wide variety of eateries to suit every taste, but I suggest the Beaver Tails (no, we don’t really eat beaver tails!) and the cider beer made in the area. The premium Oliver and Bonacini’s is a great place to eat if you’re searching for something special to eat.

There is a wide range of places to stay, from the luxurious Westin Blue Trillium residence at the base of Blue Mountain, only a short walk from the village’s restaurants and shops, to cozy chalet rentals that can accommodate a whole family.


Kingston is a great spot to spend the winter if you want to see what a traditional Canadian ski town looks like. The city has a lot of historical significance being the first capital of Canada.

Kingston, situated as it is directly on Lake Ontario, is no stranger to heavy snowfall and frigid temperatures throughout the winter. But if you can stand the chill, Downtown Kingston is a true winter paradise.

An outdoor, publicly accessible, and artificially illuminated ice skating rink can be found in Springer Market Square (behind City Hall). Downtown’s Princess Street is a charming winter wonderland.

As you go along the festively adorned street, you’ll come across a variety of independently owned stores, cafes, and bars. You may warm yourself with a cup of tea, a speciality coffee, or some hot chocolate at one of the many cafés in the area.

Places To Experience Chistmas In Canada

King Street, Bagot Street, and William Street are just few of the main thoroughfares of the city’s oldest neighborhood, which is conveniently located near the central business district.

Numerous historic plaques, many dating back to the 1800s, attest to the age of the limestone and brick homes. These homes look great in Christmas photos since they are usually adorned.

The historic Kingston railway station, relocated near the waterfront, is now home to a tourist information center selling Canadian mementos.

The waterfront pathways will take you through the snowy forests to the freezing seashore. If the lake freezes over before the first snowfall, you may go ice skating with hundreds of other people and not see another person for miles.


Niagara on the Lake is picture-perfect, making it a popular destination for aficionados of the wine industry who are planning a road trip across Ontario’s vino-rich regions.

Niagara on the Lake is a popular tourist destination because of its proximity to the world-famous Niagara Falls and because of the many outdoor activities that can be enjoyed there throughout the summer and fall.

Still, there are several attractions in the area that are open throughout the winter. The sublime landscape is blanketed in soft white snow, making it one of the best white Christmas holiday destinations; boutique hotels offer great off-season deals; last-minute reservations can be snagged at buzz-worthy restaurants; winery staff has more time to give you one-on-one attention; and the annual Icewine Festival offers a seriously sweet program.

The Wayne Gretzky Estates Winery and Distillery is one of the newest additions to the thriving Niagara on the Lake beverage sector, and it has created an inventive winter program that keeps the venue busy at all hours of the day and night. Hockey enthusiasts may skate outside at the winery from 12-6 p.m.

On the weekends, a DJ plays popular songs from the ’90s, while a huge screen broadcasts live hockey games in the evenings.

While the kids are skating around, you can sip on one of two refreshing cocktails: the Rusty Skate, made with muddled cherry hibiscus and Red Cask Whisky, or the Triple-Spiced Mulled Wine, made with Gretzky’s own Chardonnay and Ice Cask Whisky.


I wouldn’t be shocked if the Northwest Territories turned up as an example of “winter paradise” in the dictionary. Despite its reputation as an icy wasteland, the region receives over a hundred inches of snow annually. It’s a winter wonderland, for sure.

Exactly what can one accomplish in Canada’s northernmost regions? The Northwest Territories are known as the “Northern Lights Capital of the World,” but that’s not all they have to offer. Yellowknife, the capital of the Northwest Territories, is the obvious starting point for any trip there.

In this region, winter is taken quite seriously. It’s impossible to run out of things to do in the winter, what with all the fantastic winter festivities (like the Snow King Festival) and ice caves and ice highways.

You may enjoy the only brewery in the region and a wide variety of tasty foods to keep you going day and night, including the world’s biggest egg roll.

The friendliness, however, is what really separates this location from others. Everyone you meet is really kind, and before long, you’ll feel like you’ve known them forever. You may visit for a few days and come away with lifelong friendships and unforgettable experiences.


Saskatoon breaks out into a frenzy of festive cheer. Downtown Saskatoon, shopping centers, and public parks are all decked up for the holidays.

A daytime Christmas parade in front of the busy Mid Town Plaza shopping center runs for roughly an hour and a half every year. The parade is a free event that is enjoyed by people of all ages.

Places To Experience Chistmas In Canada

The Enchanted Forest light display, held annually at the Saskatchewan Farm and Forestry grounds, is another wintertime must-do for Saskatoon visitors. Enjoy a snowy Christmas in Canada while taking in a light and sound display in Saskatoon, the perfect evening to late-night entertainment.

The event is a drive-through only (no pedestrians permitted) and tickets may be purchased at the event’s entrance or at most local pharmacies.

Bear the cold in mind and always dress warmly. Saskatchewan has harsh winters, with temperatures down to -45 degrees Celsius on occasion. Wear warm clothing and bring earplugs, gloves, and long underwear to the Christmas parade.


One of my favorite cold-weather getaways is the city of Québec. The extreme cold and snow are, of course, part of the allure. The cold weather in Québec City is bearable as long as you dress appropriately.

In all my travels, I’ve never come across a city as gorgeous as this one. This city dates back to 1608—an eternity in North America. It is located in the French-speaking province of Québec, on the banks of the massive Saint Lawrence River.

Stone buildings and cobblestone streets make up the city, which is rendered more picture-perfect by the year-round addition of wreaths and Christmas lights.

While out and about in the city, you could decide to warm up with a piping hot dish of poutine, a mug of hot chocolate, or a night out at a local pub watching live music.

If you go outside, you may go ice fishing on the river or just watch the ice break up and drift downstream. It’s unlike anything else I’ve ever seen.

It is also one of the most romantic places, making it perfect for a Christmas getaway with your special someone.


Taking a train trip through the snow-capped Canadian Rockies is one of the most enjoyable and picturesque things to do in Canada during the winter. Leaving from Vancouver, the journey on the overnight train to Jasper is the first step in the trip.

If you need somewhere to stay the night, I suggest splurging on a private sleeping cabin. There is a separate bathroom in each of the cozy cottages.

When you make your reservation, you’ll also choose the times for your group’s meals in the dining car. Since the area attracts visitors from all over the globe, there is never a lack of interesting individuals to talk to.

The clear glass ceiling and windows of the observation vehicle were the highlight of our journey, though. The scenery is breathtaking.

As the train winds its way into the mountains, everyone on board agrees to be quiet and enjoy the view. This scene of lofty trees blanketed in fresh, untouched snow was breathtaking. It was one of the most romantic places to spend Christmas, a pure winter paradise.


As you can see, Canada is replete with wintery, festive places to spend the holidays. This is by no means a complete list. All the Eastern provinces, and probably many more, were probably left out of this page.

However, this is a wonderful place to start if you’re searching for some ideas for Christmas travels or locations to visit in January or other chilly months.


As with any international trip, getting travel insurance is a must if you plan on engaging in high-risk pursuits like skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, etc. However, you should verify with your insurer whether or not such pursuits are covered.

It’s possible that your credit card already provides travel insurance for this reason, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars on a short trip. A good alternative is World Nomads, which has all the aforementioned benefits and can be joined entirely online in less than 10 minutes.

Even if you never have to use it, having enough travel insurance will put your mind at ease. If you’re planning a ski trip, go here for extra advice.

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