Reasons To Travel To Edmonton – 10 Things You Need To Know

The capital city of Alberta is a great place to start to see the Canadian plains. You can have the best of both city life and exciting outdoor activities in Edmonton.

Go on an adventure through Canada’s vast boreal landscapes, where bison roam freely, and then refuel at one of the country’s coolest new cafés.

Edmonton is the best place to visit in Western Canada because there are so many things to do and see.

1. Edmonton has a booming culinary scene.

On a trip for the senses, you can visit the best local craft beer taprooms, hyper-local bistros, and independent bakeries. Edmonton is the youngest capital in Canada, so its chefs aren’t afraid to try new things.

Reasons To Travel To Edmonton

Buzzfeed named the Duchess Bakeshop one of the best bakeries in the world, and more and more people from other countries are hearing about our restaurants. Because of this, you should bring clothes that are easy to move around in.

2. They call us Festival City for a reason.

Shakespeare performed in the open air? I understand what you mean. Ice and fire sculptures are part of a festival that celebrates the cold season. It’s not hard. There are more than fifty festivals every year that will keep you busy whether it’s 30 degrees above or below.

3. Edmonton brings the wildlife.

Elk Island National Park is home to bison, moose, deer, elk, and more than 250 types of birds. Also, this area is home to the wood bison and the pygmy shrew, which are the largest and smallest land mammals in North America, respectively. So, why don’t you just do it? Gather the herd and go on a trip!

Reasons To Travel To Edmonton

4. “We the North”? No, WE the North.

Edmonton is the largest city in the Arctic region of North America and the best place to start exploring the wild boreal forest in Canada. We are close to grizzly bears, waterfalls, canyons, and lakes that get their water from glaciers.

You might get a full picture of Canada if you spend a few nights in the city before going to Jasper National Park in the Rocky Mountains or the Northern Territories.

Reasons To Travel To Edmonton

5. We’ve got the Mt. Everest of indoor entertainment, shopping, and attractions.

Fifth, we have more stores, activities, and things to do inside than you can shake a stick at.
The West Edmonton Mall is a fun place to shop, eat, and spend time with friends. At one time, the Mall was home to more submarines than the entire Canadian Navy, and it is about the size of 48 city blocks.

6. Edmonton has an incredible hub for sports and entertainment downtown.

In the impressive ICE District, you can find Rogers Place and other downtown attractions like restaurants, bars, a casino, and hotels.

This architectural and technical marvel is home to the NHL’s Edmonton Oilers and Oil Kings and has hosted some of the best musical acts in the world.

7. There’s green space, and then there’s the North Saskatchewan River Valley.

Nearly 22 times the size of Central Park, Edmonton’s river valley and park systems have over 150 kilometers of trails just waiting to be explored. You can walk, ride a bike, canoe, snowshoe, or even ride a Segway to see the largest urban park in North America.


8. Edmonton has long, glorious sunny days.

From June to August, the sun could come up as early as 5 am and go down as late as 10 pm. That’s enough time to have a full day of fun outside and get your daily dose of vitamin D.

Even though it’s cold, the sun keeps shining all winter long. This makes our snowy landscapes perfect for posting on social media.

9. Edmonton knows how to do winter right.

We do Old Man Winter proud with our outdoor patios, city-wide snowball fights, deep freezer races, and stunning view of the Northern Lights. It’s definitely cold. Definitely not!

Reasons To Travel To Edmonton

10. Normal is for the other guys.

We’ve always been a bit of an odd duck among our fellow Canadians, but that’s fine. Edmonton’s creative and forward-thinking artists show that people there aren’t afraid to try new things.

Reasons To Travel To Edmonton

We sleep in a tent with a bison, have a dance party under the Northern Lights, and ride waves on the open plains. Everyday things in Edmonton are done in a unique way, and we’d love for you to see it.

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