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Everything looked great outside in the sun. The sky is clear and the temperature is 20 degrees Celsius.  Some of us went camping in the great outdoors. A barbecue was going on.

We went skiing with a lot of other people at Sunshine Village, which is near Banff, Alberta. Not only was it not a normal day for skiing, but this year was the 85th Slush Cup.

What Is a Slush Cup

Every year, the Slush Cup is a special event. A party to celebrate the start of spring and to say goodbye to ski lifts for another year.

Sixty-five athletes ski or snowboard down a hill, off a jump, and into (or across) a 30-meter-long, 2.5-meter-deep pool of ice-cold water.

Skiing In Bikinis

On this day, people from all over come out in their craziest costumes (or bikinis) to watch or take part in the annual event.


Crazy? Perhaps… Still, there are plenty of people who are willing to do it. I was one of those crazy people who wanted to compete but didn’t register in time.

Those who want to take part must be at the top of the mountain by 8 a.m. (or earlier) to get in line and, hopefully, be one of the first 65 people to sign the list.

You can have a great time even if you don’t want to do a belly flop into the water. People come from all over the world to take part in the party, and many others take the chance to ski one more day before the season ends.

Skiing In Bikinis

It is the most unusual day you could ever spend in a ski lodge. On one of the many slopes, you might see Oscar the Grouch or Cookie Monster, or you might forget you’re on a ski hill as scantily dressed women ski by.


Guests can relax and enjoy their favorite drinks while listening to a live band while the pool is being filled with water. As the sun rose higher in the sky, the snow got more and more sticky, making it hard to ski down a course.

Some visitors were seen riding the chairlift in their shoes. They seemed to be going to Sunshine resort to see the beautiful views.

My fiance and I skied for a few hours before going to the main event to see what this year’s slush cup had in store. Seven of the first ten competitors to ski down the hill into the pool made it all the way across, just like water skiing on a lake.

I’ve never seen so many people leave the pool at once, so they must have been practicing for a long time. After taking the jump more slowly, one of the men did a horrible belly flip, and just when we thought there wouldn’t be any wipeouts, there was one.

After that, more spectacular falls happened, each one sending skis flying and people splashing into the water like a beaver’s tail. It sounded terrible, but luckily no one got hurt.

Skiing In Bikinis

“Mr. Slush Cup,” “Ms. Slush Cup,” “Biggest Splash,” “Best Costume,” “Biggest Air,” and “Most Original” were given to the winners.

All the awards are well-deserved. This time, it was surprising that there were only four women taking part. Come on, ladies!

We said our goodbyes at the end of the day and took the gondola back down to the valley floor. We were amazed to see the snow melt away from the gondola track. Three weeks ago, there were no cars on the ski-out run.

Even though we were tired from the day’s activities, we sat in the gondola and listened to the birds sing so we could fully appreciate how special Sunshine Village is at any time of year.

If you ski or snowboard and are in Banff on the third weekend of May, you have to go to Sunshine Village. Not only will you see beautiful natural sights, but you’ll also get to try a unique slush cup that shows how crazy Canadians can be.

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