Snowshoeing, Tubing And Magnificent Views At Mount Norquay

It won’t be long before the guests arrive. Since we live in Calgary, Alberta, we always get excited when friends and family plan to visit Banff National Park, which is often thought to be the most beautiful protected area in all of Canada.

But our “excellent host” alarm goes off if a family has more than one generation. Is there a way to plan a trip to Banff that everyone in the family, from the baby who could throw a fit to the teenager who rolls their eyes, would enjoy?

The phrase “I’m bored!”

“Are we close enough to eating?”

I just can’t make the trip right now.

I’m beginning to feel a headache coming on.

Whether you live in Calgary or are just looking for vacation ideas on the web, these things to do in Banff are sure to please everyone. Mount Norquay has easy parking and a free shuttle that goes to the center of Banff.

Snowshoeing, Tubing And Magnificent Views At Mount Norquay – Something For Everyone

Banff Tube Park – Downhill thrill and no experience required

This Canadian farm girl would spend the winters looking for hills that were good for tobogganing. If you’re in Banff, the Mount Norquay Tube Park is a great place to take the kids or relive your own childhood.

People from Banff laugh and giggle as they ride the inflatable discs down Alberta’s largest tube park, which has eight smooth lanes. Just sit back, hold on, and smile.

The view from inside the tube. Now you can start laughing.

Snowshoeing, Tubing And Magnificent Views At Mount Norquay

You don’t have to go up the steep hill at the end of the path. Tubers can ride a moving sidewalk back to the top like a magic carpet.

We think this is the best way to spend a vacation in Banff for people of all ages. Anyone who is older than 4 and shorter than 42 inches can join in on the fun.

For kids who are too short to get into the park, there is a free playground nearby. This amusement park has a tubing merry-go-round where your littlest family members can lie down in an inflatable tube and slowly spin around.

Banff events that are good for kids

When you’re done having fun on the tubes, go to the North American Lodge for some hot cocoa and a great view of all the action.

Banff’s Best Kept Secret View

You’re not likely to meet a tourist in Banff whose main goal isn’t to take the best picture possible of the city’s picture-postcard-perfect alpine scenery.

Snowshoeing, Tubing And Magnificent Views At Mount Norquay

It’s hard to say they’re wrong. UNESCO has named Banff National Park a World Heritage Site because of how important it is to history.

Tourists from all over the world have been coming to see its endless valleys and jaw-dropping mountain peaks for more than 125 years.

As one of the many things to do in Banff, a lot of tourists want to take pictures of the Canadian Rocky Mountains that are truly stunning. Even so, almost three million people visit Banff National Park every year.

Here is our best-kept secret for getting the most out of your time in Banff and avoiding the crowds.

Isn’t that a point of view?

From the North American chairlift, you can see beautiful views of Banff without needing skis or snowboards. (Don’t worry, the workers will show you what to do, and a safety bar will keep you safe.)

Snowshoeing, Tubing And Magnificent Views At Mount Norquay

This trip with the family to Banff will be remembered for a long time because of the beautiful scenery, including being above the clouds.

On Mount Norquay, this is also where the Via Ferrata paths start. It’s one of the best trips you can take in Banff, and we recommend it very highly.

Lunch in Banff at 7000 feet

The Cliffhouse Bistro has one of the best views of any restaurant in the world. It is only a few feet from the chairlift and observation deck. Mount Rundle stands tall over the town of Banff, and mountain sheep have been seen wandering around.

Summer at the Cliffhouse Bistro on Mt. Norquay

The tea house that was in Banff in the 1950s has been turned into a stylish chalet restaurant. Marilyn Monroe came here in 1953 to film the movie River of No Return. Today, the most popular thing to do is eat lunch while looking at the beautiful view.

Young or old – Banff is a great place for ski lessons

My husband tried to teach me how to downhill ski more than 40 years ago. At the end of the day, I was lying on my back in the snow, my ski gear was all over the place like the aftermath of a tornado, Dave had a cut on his head, and the two of us were yelling at each other.

Our group has a rule that no one can teach anyone else how to ski. Whether it’s your first time on snow or you haven’t been in a while, we think you should take ski lessons from a pro.

Our 3-year-old granddaughter with her ski teacher.

“Success is that they want to come back and are happy,” says Gord Fielding, who runs the ski school at Mount Norquay.

Gord says, “We never force a child to move.” The teacher will play games with the students right where they are if they don’t want to move.

A new customer, an adult, comes in for lessons while her boys snowboard on nearby runs. She thinks it’s never too late to learn, even if you’re an adult. After two hours of learning in a group, she has the same big grin as our granddaughter.

Adult beginners’ ski lessons: all smiles

Snowshoeing, Tubing And Magnificent Views At Mount Norquay

Explore the snowy wonders of Banff winter activities

What can your group do if one person doesn’t want to ski, snowboard, tube, or ride the chairlift? In a place that looks like a snow globe, why not go for a walk or try snowshoeing? In the beautiful Canadian mountains of Banff, Alberta, all you have to do to get around is take a few steps.

Cheers to your Banff family trip

What about the visitor who only wants to go to the pub?

On the second floor of the Cascade Lodge, there is a restaurant called Lone Pine that has full service. Could we suggest the “Norquay 94” beer from the Banff Brewing Co.?

You might meet up with the rest of your mixed-age group at the après-ski spot for snacks and a recap of the day. Anyone may join us.

Please suggest some of the best family activities in Banff.

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