3 Unique Canadian Wines You Should Try Immediately

If you’re already in wine country, there’s no reason to stick to the usual tasting routes of icewine, chardonnay, riesling, cabernet, and pinots.

Instead, you might as well try some truly unique wines from truly unique people. These are not your “we do it differently, but they taste weird” wines. These are great examples from experts who are well-known.

If you want to go on a wine tour in the Okanagan, Niagara, or Nova Scotia, these three vineyards offer something different.


Terravista Vineyards is right next to the Kettle Valley Trail on the Naramata Bench. You won’t believe how lovely the area is.

The land around the terraced hill above Lake Okanagan twists, curves, rises, and then goes back down, giving amazing views of the geology, grape carpets, and water below. You can relax on the beach and eat at restaurants in the hamlet.

Unique Canadian Wine

Senka Tennant and her husband, Bob, own and run the well-known Black Hills Estate Winery in Oliver. Senka is a natural storyteller with a lot of energy.

She says that as she got older and became a doctor and then made the best full-bodied red wine in the Okanagan, her body became less able to handle red wine. So, in Terravista, she makes whites that are almost extinct in other parts of Canada.

The Spanish-Portuguese Albarino and the Spanish-Portuguese Albarino-Verdejo blend Fandango are the stars of the show. Both are very fragrant, but the combination is rounder and has more body than the first.

One of the best wines to come out of British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley.

Is wine the only thing that you like? Make sure to check out some of the best places to see and things to do in British Columbia while you’re there.


Southbrook Farms Vineyard is widely thought to be one of Niagara’s best vineyards. It is right off the main road into “The Prettiest Town in Canada” on the QEW. Closer to the town center, there are more vineyards, farm buildings, and winery cottages.

Unique Canadian Wine

Ann Sperling, a famous Canadian winemaker who is the quiet opposite of Senka’s sass, is in charge of the crew at Canada’s first officially recognized organic and biodynamic winery. Orange wine and a Chardonnay called Anniversary that tastes like Sherry are two of the more interesting choices.

Chardonnay with the nutty, caramel flavor of Sherry is made by putting the wine in small oak barrels for seven years and adding more alcohol to it. Orange wine, on the other hand, is a European tradition that is making a comeback in several wine regions around the world.

White wines are made from the juice that has just been pressed, while red wines are made by leaving the grape skins in the wine to get color and tannins.

Ann keeps the skins on the white Vidal grapes at Southbrook so that the wine has more body and character.

This method also helps the wine stay fresh on its own, so it can be kept for a long time. In fact, this is one of the more interesting vineyards in Niagara.

Add Southbrook Farms Vineyard to your own personalized Niagara on the Lake wine tour.

(Note: Our recent article on Niagara will help you find places to eat near wineries there.)


In Nova Scotia, the Gaspereau Valley is a low, rolling valley with settlements, barns, and other buildings scattered across a patchwork of forests, farms, and vineyards.

Unique Canadian Wine

Gerry McConnell and his late wife, Dara Gordon, came up with the idea for Benjamin Bridge. They took a chance on world-famous wine consultant Peter Gamble, who got the best champagne makers in the world to work with him to make a truly amazing vintage.

In case you were wondering, Benjamin Bridge’s most praised wines are the sparkling ones made from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

In fact, blind tests by leaders in the industry have shown that the wines are as good as or better than the best champagnes from around the world.

Because of the way the temperature in the valley is set up, the grapes can develop all of their flavors while staying crisp and fresh.

Even though the l’Acadie, Ortega, and New York Muscat grapes aren’t as well-known as some of the other varieties, the wines they make are fruity, crisp, and fragrant.

Not only is this part of Nova Scotia close to the Annapolis Valley, but it is also very beautiful and makes for a great road trip.

Even though the vineyards of Niagara Falls and the Okanagan are better known, Nova Scotia and the Annapolis Valley are still very popular. Wolfville’s wines are a great place to start.

Advice: There’s more to Nova Scotia than just wine. If you go to Nova Scotia, it would be a shame to miss out on some of the best places to see and things to do.


Those of you who like wine will find that Canada has many beautiful wine regions with some of the best restaurants in the world.

The Okanagan Valley, which is in one of the hottest parts of British Columbia, has some of the best wine tours in the province.

If you’re in Niagara and need a break from the amazing waterfalls, you can choose from a number of organized and unorganized wine tours. Things slow down in Nova Scotia, which is in the middle of Canada’s Maritimes.

No matter what, you have it now. You can use everything, from the scenery to the food to the wine. Now you can step up your game by trying some of Canada’s rarest wines.

Unique Canadian Wine

You can see that there are many different things to do in Canada. Canada is a great place to visit for many different reasons, such as its great wineries, lively towns, and huge wilderness.

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