Tips For Your Next Winter Ski Vacation – 4 Things Need To Know

If you’ve been reading Must Do Canada for a while, you know that one of our favorite things to do is ski. If you live in Canada, you should make sure to plan some fun things to do during the winter.

If you don’t, the cold weather and short days will keep you inside for four to six months.

We like a lot of things, but one of our favorites is skiing on the slopes near Banff National Park in the winter. Skiing is not only a fun thing to do, but it’s also a great way to spend time in nature.


Here are some tips for getting ready for your next ski vacation, whether you’re a Canadian going to a ski resort for the weekend or an international traveler going to Canada to see its winter paradise.


I think ski-in/ski-out lodging is a must for a great ski trip. It’s a great feeling to be able to walk out of your house, put on your skis, and be the first person on the chairlift. It’s a huge time saver to not have to drive to and from work every day.

Tips For Your Next Winter Ski Vacation

Not many resorts have this option, so if you can’t get it, I suggest staying as close to the resort as possible to cut down on your daily commute time.

If you want to save money, it’s best to stay somewhere with a kitchen. There are a lot of resort hotels that offer this, and you can even rent a private home through services like Airbnb.


If you don’t live in Canada, you might need some help figuring out what to wear in the winter, but most Canadians should know what to wear. To start, Canadian winters are known for being hard to predict. It will be cold, that’s for sure, but nobody knows how cold it will be.

For example, the temperature in Banff National Park in February could be anywhere from 0 to -30 degrees Celsius. So, I think it’s a good idea to use layers. If you don’t want to get wet, you’ll need a waterproof layer on the outside.

That would include a good ski coat and snow pants that go with it. Also recommended are good socks, gloves, and a lightweight balaclava that can be worn under a ski helmet. If you don’t want to wear a helmet, you should use a balaclava or touque to keep your face and neck warm.

Tips For Your Next Winter Ski Vacation

Ski goggles are important because snow and wind can hurt your eyes. After that, I think you should put some high-quality thermals against your skin. From now on, we’ll have to wait for the weather report.

Over my thermal underwear, I wear a shirt, a sweater, and a vest. Then I put on my ski jacket, and I’m ready to go. A second piece of advice is to buy those small warming packets that you mix up and put in your gloves and boots.

In addition, they keep you nice and warm. It’s a lot of clothes, but it’s better to be too hot than too cold in the mountains. To save money, ask at the ski area if you can rent gear or buy cheap ski clothes at a used store.


Travel insurance is a good idea no matter where you’re going, but especially if you plan to ski while you’re away. Make sure that extreme activities are covered by your insurance before you try one.

Even if a Canadian is going to a different province, it is sometimes a good idea to have backup coverage for things like an ambulance. Insurance for your bags is another thing to think about.

If you plan to bring a pricey pair of skis, it might be a good idea to get insurance for them. If you want to try more dangerous winter sports like tobogganing or tubing, you might also want to get winter sports insurance that covers everything.

It’s important to have the right kind of travel insurance if you’re going skiing across the country or just across the province.

Tips For Your Next Winter Ski Vacation


You should also contact the ski area you want to go to and find out if they have any discounts. If you want to ski for more than two days, you might save money by buying a discount card at certain Canadian Rockies locations.

A lot of resorts only have deals for people who stay there. In any case, get in touch with them to see if they can help you save money on your next ski trip.

Tips For Your Next Winter Ski Vacation


Even though it’s important to have a plan, the most important thing is to have fun. Some of the best ski resorts in the world are in Alberta and British Columbia. We’re not just talking about great resorts and powder here; the scenery is also stunning.

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